Asbestos sheets covering wide varieties and complete specs

Dongyue Industry Co., Ltd. is specialized in sealing and insulation products. Our mainly products are: asbestos rubber sheet, asbestos gasket, motorcycle gasket, non asbestos rubber sheet, non asbestos gasket, kevlar gland packing, Teflon gland packing, carbon gland packing, graphite gland packing, carbon kevlar mix braided gland packing, GFO gland packing, etc.

Asbestos sheet is made from long asbestos fiber, natural rubber and oil-resistance rubber, rubber accessories, dye, etc.

Non-asbestos sheet is made from aramid pulp, oil resistant rubber(NBR), rubber accessories, dye, etc.

Asbestos sheet and non asbestos sheet are mainly use for mechanical sealing. We use that make any type gasket for pipe flange, machine, motorcycle, car, truck, etc. For asbestos fiber are well against hot and also asbestos price is low, so asbestos sheet is one kind cheap and durable sealing material.

All asbestos products have been inspected. No folds, cracks, tears, shells, bubbles or other mechanical drawbacks are found on the surfaces.

In addition, storage pose an important affect on the life of asbestos products. Keep them away from heat-emitting area at least 1 meter. Not being exposed to direct sunlight, oils, organic solvents, acids, alkalis and other aggressive substances.

Dongyue asbestos products have passed strict tests. Their first-class quality has been accepted by more and more customers. We believe that our products will operate well once used.

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