About Us

Yuanbo Engineering Co., Ltd. a profession manufacturer, has been committed to fabricating asbestos products for more than 18 years. Owing to its long history of producing these products, our company has accumulated rich experiences of designing and producing first-class asbestos sheets.

Asbestos sheets have a collection of low thermal conductivity, heat insulation, sound absorption and good machinability as well as affordability. Asbestos products were very popular and had been found in a lot of fields, such as chemical industries, steel-making factories, constructions, theaters, cars, trains and fire-proof clothes.

Chrysotile, long and curly fabric, is a friendly material and can be fabricated into a great number of products. For example, a lot of chrysotile sheets are used in constructions, such as walls, ceilings, floor tiles. If these products are in good condition, they will not release dangerous quantity asbestos fiber and people are safe living in a building with asbestos products.

Yuanbo is a comprehensive company of asbestos products. Asbestos cement sheet and pipe, paronite, asbestos tape, asbestos cloth, asbestos gasket is at stock for your quotations.

We promise that our products are all made of chrysotile and provide technical guidance about how to deal with asbestos sheets properly.

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