Versatile asbestos cloth

White asbestos cloth, thickness 1.5 ~5.0mm
Asbestos cloth can be made into gloves, clothes and other fire-proof products

Asbestos cloth is made of 100% long asbestos fabrics. Asbestos cloth reinforced by metal wire is also provided by us. It processes excellent heat resistance, non-inflammability and weather-proof. Therefore it is widely in the fields below.

Thermal insulation
Available for boilers, pipelines and other equipment of metallurgy, chemical factories, power plants, buildings, ships, vehicles, and so on.

Fire-proof clothes
Asbestos cloth are often made into fire-proof clothes for its exceptional non-inflammability. These clothes are found in steel-making shops, chemical factories, welding shops and so on.

Product description:
Temp: up to 550℃;
Thickness: 1.5mm ~ 5.0mm;
Width: 1000mm ~ 1200mm;

Packaged in plastic bag of 50kg net each roll.

Asbestos cloth roll packaged in plastic bag
Asbestos cloth packed in waterproof plastic bag

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