High performance asbestos tape

Asbestos tape or insulating tape is made of high quality woven chrysotile. Sometimes it is braided with wires, such as copper or steel, polyester fiber. This construction strengthens its ability to withstand harsh working environments. As asbestos has good resistances to fire, heat, chemical and electrical damage, asbestos tape is often applied as conveying tape and is widely used in industry, metallurgy where needs heat-resistant materials.

Thickness: 1.5mm, 3mm and 6mm;
Width: 12.5mm to 150mm;
Length: 30 meters on a roll.
Working temperature: up to 325℃.

A asbestos tape in white color A roll of white asbestos tape on blue background
Asbestos tape | Insulating tape, thickness 1.5mm Asbestos tape | conveying tape, 30 meters on a roll

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