Compressed asbestos gasket - effective and economical

Compressed asbestos gasket is a compressed mixture of long fiber asbestos, synthetic rubber and other modifying materials. According to different formulations, processes and usages, it can be divided into standard and oil-resistant (G2184). According to working temperatures and pressures, it can be also classified into low (G2183), medium (G2182) and high pressure (G2181). They are all available for sealing steam, water, inert gas, oils and other non-aggressive mediums.

Asbestos gasket is die cut or circle cut from paronite or jointing sheets. Various special specifications are at stock and we can fabricate custom gaskets.

Size of jointing sheet or paronite:

  • Thickness: 0.3 - 6.0mm;
  • Length: 1500mm, 1270mm; 
  • Width: 1360mm; 1270mm; 1500mm.
  • Package: Wooden pallet 1000kgs, 2000kgs /each.
Compressed Asbestos Gasket
Asbestos gasket in blue color and round shape

Oil-resistant asbestos gasket

Three green asbestos gaskets in irregular shapes

Various shapes of compressed asbestos gasket for heavy duty

Technical parameters
Item G2183 G2182 G2181 G2184
Pressure 2.0MPa 3.5MPa 4.5MPa 4.0MPa
Temperature 200°C 350°C 450°C 400°C
Tensile strength 5.0MPa 9.0MPa 18.0MPa 14.0MPa
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