Full range of asbestos packing at stock

Asbestos packing with graphite

It is fabricated by asbestos threads impregnated with dry graphite, and the outermost is coated with 100% graphite. It is often applied for high temperatures and pressures and used in pumps and valves for oils, steam, solvent, gas, ammonia, abrasive liquids.

Product specification:

  • Temperature: up to 450°C;
  • Size: 4.0mm ~ 50mm;
  • Packing: 10kg/roll.

Asbestos packing treated with lubricant and graphite is suitable for dynamic sealing used in pump, valve for steam, industrial water, air and petroleum oil.

A black asbestos packing with graphite coiled in circles

Asbestos packing with graphite and oil

Product description:

  • Temp: up to 350°C;
  • Specification: 4.0mm ~ 50.0 mm;
  • Packing: 10kg/roll.

Steel wire reinforced asbestos packing is treated by graphite and rubber. It is suitable for static sealing, such as steam hammer, reactor and steam valve and so on.

Application: Compatible with alkali solution, viscous liquids, water, steam, gas, hot water and salt solution.

Black asbestos packing with graphite and oil packed in a reel

Reinforced asbestos packing

Product description:

  • Specification: 4.0mm ~ 50.0 mm;
  • Temp: up to 550°C;
  • Packing: 10kg/roll.
Three black reinforced asbestos packing on a white background
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