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Asbestos packing with graphite

A black asbestos packing with graphite coiled in circlesIt is fabricated by asbestos threads impregnated with dry graphite, and the outermost is coated with 100% graphite. It is often applied for high temperatures and pressures and used in pumps and valves for oils, steam, solvent, gas, ammonia, abrasive liquids.

Product specification:
Temperature: up to 450℃;
Size: 4.0mm ~ 50mm;
Packing: 10kg/roll.

Asbestos packing with graphite and oil

Black asbestos packing with graphite and oil packed in a reelAsbestos packing treated with lubricant and graphite is suitable for dynamic sealing used in pump, valve for steam, industrial water, air and petroleum oil.

Product description:
Temp: up to 350℃;
Specification: 4.0mm ~ 50.0 mm;
Packing: 10kg/roll.

Reinforced asbestos packing

Three black reinforced asbestos packing on a white backgroundSteel wire reinforced asbestos packing is treated by graphite and rubber. It is suitable for static sealing, such as steam hammer, reactor and steam valve and so on.
Compatible with alkali solution, viscous liquids, water, steam, gas, hot water and salt solution.
Product description:
Specification: 4.0mm ~ 50.0 mm;
Temp: up to 550℃;
Packing: 10kg/roll.

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