Asbestos rope - twisted, square and lagging

Asbestos rope is made of braided asbestos fiber and its section tends to be round, rectangle or square. It is widely used in centrifugal pumps, compressors, vacuum pumps, mixers and ship propeller shaft seals, piston pumps and so on. It has a good thermal conductivity, acid and alkali resistance. Compared with other sealing materials, asbestos rope can be molded into any shape and operates well at extreme temperatures. Especially, it has a ability of halting the spread of fire.

Note: All asbestos ropes can be reinforced by steel wire, cooper wire, or nickel wire.

Pure asbestos rope

Pure asbestos rope is designed for static sealing and operates well at high pressure and temperature working environments.

Twisted asbestos rope

A roll of white twisted asbestos ropeIt is manufactured by two or more strands of long asbestos (chrysotile) and widely used as caulking, sealing and heat insulation on thermal installations and heat conduction systems. Ideal working temperature ranges from 250 - 550℃. The diameter of the round section is from Φ3.0mm to 50mm.

Product specification:
Working Temp: 250 - 550℃
Diameter: Φ3.0mm to 50mm.
Packing: 10kg/roll

Square asbestos rope

A roll of white square asbestos rope on blue backgroundThis asbestos rope is still made of long asbestos fiber yarn and woven into square form with the side of length from 3.0 mm to 50.0mm. Due to good prosperities of heat resistance and low thermal conductivity, it is often used as heat insulation and sealing materials.

Product specification:
Working Temp: 250 - 550℃
Side length: 3.0 ~ 50.0mm
Packing: 10kg/roll

Asbestos lagging rope

Asbestos lagging ropes with great flexibilityAsbestos lagging rope has two layers: the outside is braided with dusted asbestos; the inside is filled with ceramic. This thermal insulating material has good elasticity and great flexibility, and is ideal for applications of heating pipelines where need flexures and constant vibration.

Products specification:
Temp: up to 650℃
Size: Φ12 - 50mm
Packing: 10kg/roll

Asbestos rope is not often made of 100% asbestos. There are three kinds of sealing rope, which are treated with other materials to improve their comprehensive properties. It is also called asbestos packing.

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